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JOBS :: Linux Device Drivers - Senior Embedded Developers

jobs linux device drivers senior embedded developers

Eligibility (Key/Skills):

  • Experience: 3 to 10 years
  • Networking technologies, Datacom, Broadband routers, home routers, Carrier Grade, IoT, ONT, WiFi
  • Strong in design and development of embedded networking software
  • Good verbal and written communication and experience in interacting with remote(International) teams and managers
  • Good in embedded programming using C++ / C and good in object oriented design concepts
  • Experience in developing embedded applications in any RTOS or Linux – Kernel space, device drivers and User space
  • Knowledge/Experience in protocols like GPON, VOIP, SIP, MGCP, TCP/IP, IGMP, RIP, OSPF, QOS, TR-069, VLAN, Ethernet OAM, etc
  • Extensively developed large real time multi-threaded applications and good in reverse engineering and understanding large C++/C based programs
  • Good understanding of various tools:
    • version control - Perforce, GIT
    • debugging - GDB, JTAG/BDM debuggers
    • code analysis - Valgrind, Coverity
  • Job Location: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai - India.

Send email with your updated resume to:
* your profile details will be forwarded directly to the affiliated companies. Shortlisted candidates will get calls directly from the respective company HR for further processing.


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