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Linux Kernel programming:

TitlePublished Date
Linux Kernel Architecture13-May-2017
Linux Kernel /proc Interface22-Feb-2017
Linux Kernel Programming05-Jul-2016
Linux Kernel sk_buff data-structure - Episode-11 to Episode-1826-Mar-2017
Linux Kernel sk_buff data-structure - Episode-1 to Episode-1005-Jul-2016
Linux Kernel net_device data-structure05-Jul-2016
Linux Kernel dst_entry data-structure04-May-2017
Linux Kernel struct iphdr data-structure05-Jul-2016
Linux Kernel struct tcphdr data-structure05-Jul-2016
Linux Kernel struct udphdr data-structure05-Jul-2016
Linux Kernel Networking Sub-system05-Jul-2016
Linux Kernel Compilation05-Jul-2016

Linux (user-space), Systems Architecture and Networking:

TitlePublished Date
Oracle VM VirtualBox27-Mar-2017
Code Snippets16-Mar-2017
CPU Performance and Benchmarks13-Mar-2017
Online Course - Linux TUN/TAP virtual network interfaces25-Jan-2017
Networking and Q&A27-Aug-2016
Online Course - Networking Protocols04-Jul-2016
Online Course - Linux CLI Scripting04-Jul-2016
Linux (user-space) RAW Socket Programming27-Aug-2016
Systems Architecture05-Jul-2016
Wireshark Packet Capture27-Oct-2016

Video Logs (VLOGs):

TitlePublished Date
Generic VLOGs09-Apr-2017
My home lab data Storage and Hard drives27-Mar-2017

Raspberry Pi:

TitlePublished Date
Raspberry Pi OS with PIXEL28-Dec-2016
Raspberry Pi research and experiments28-Dec-2016


TitlePublished Date
Generic FreeBSD07-May-2017

For Students:

TitlePublished Date
Job and Career Advice27-Nov-2016
Linux Software Development and Tools24-Nov-2016
How to start Open-Source Project05-Aug-2016
B.E(B.Tech, B.S) and M.E(M.Tech, M.S) Collage Final Year Projects31-Jul-2016

Installation and Setup:

TitlePublished Date
Ubuntu installation, setup and upgrade15-Apr-2017
Telnet installation and remote access05-Feb-2017
PHP installation05-Feb-2017
MySQL database server installation05-Feb-2017
Apache web-server installation03-Feb-2017


TitlePublished Date
PyDelhi + PyData + ILUG-D + Linux Chix meetup mash @ Sarai on 17-Dec-201620-Dec-2016
Google Youtube Happy Hour 2016 Bangalore India - The Linux Channel05-Aug-2016
OSIDays Event - 12th Open Source India 2015 Bengaluru, India31-Jul-2016

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