VIDEOS 》 Linux Kernel struct ethhdr data-structure

For more details refer Linux Kernel Source:
struct ethhdr - http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/latest/source/include/uapi/linux/if_ether.h#L145
eth_hdr() API - http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/latest/source/include/linux/if_ether.h#L26
skb_mac_header() API - http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/latest/source/include/linux/skbuff.h#L2215
QUICK LINKS for students and advance developers:
Linux Kernel Network stack and architecture - http://the-linux-channel.the-toffee-project.org/index.php?page=3-links-linux-kernel-network-stack-and-architecture
Videos related to protocol header data-structures:
struct iphdr - http://the-linux-channel.the-toffee-project.org/index.php?page=48-videos-linux-kernel-struct-iphdr-data-structure
struct tcphdr - http://the-linux-channel.the-toffee-project.org/index.php?page=50-videos-linux-kernel-struct-tcphdr-data-structure
struct udphdr - http://the-linux-channel.the-toffee-project.org/index.php?page=49-videos-linux-kernel-struct-udphdr-data-structure

And here is the copy paste of struct ethhdr data-structure (/include/uapi/linux/if_ether.h) from the Kernel-source version 4.13 for quick reference:

 *	This is an Ethernet frame header.

struct ethhdr {
	unsigned char	h_dest[ETH_ALEN];	/* destination eth addr	*/
	unsigned char	h_source[ETH_ALEN];	/* source ether addr	*/
	__be16		h_proto;		/* packet type ID field	*/
} __attribute__((packed));

Where these are the various Ethernet Header related constants, which are defined in the same file (/include/uapi/linux/if_ether.h) from the Kernel-source version 4.13 for quick reference:

 *	IEEE 802.3 Ethernet magic constants.  The frame sizes omit the preamble
 *	and FCS/CRC (frame check sequence).

#define ETH_ALEN	6		/* Octets in one ethernet addr	 */
#define ETH_HLEN	14		/* Total octets in header.	 */
#define ETH_ZLEN	60		/* Min. octets in frame sans FCS */
#define ETH_DATA_LEN	1500		/* Max. octets in payload	 */
#define ETH_FRAME_LEN	1514		/* Max. octets in frame sans FCS */
#define ETH_FCS_LEN	4		/* Octets in the FCS		 */

#define ETH_MIN_MTU	68		/* Min IPv4 MTU per RFC791	*/
#define ETH_MAX_MTU	0xFFFFU		/* 65535, same as IP_MAX_MTU	*/

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