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Student Profile :: Ramin Farajpour Cami

Country: Iran

Social Media: LinkedinGithub

Summary: Python programmer and (django) web developer and Co-founder (bug bounty platform) in Iran, and security researcher in bug bounty program for the past 4 years. Currently working as Security Researcher & Software Engineering in SaminRay ICT Co, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Skills: #Skills:

  • Programming Language: Python, C, Go, Ruby, C#, Assembly, PHP
  • Web Development: Django Framework, Restframework, Flask Framework, Ruby On Rails
  • ORMs: django ORM, SQLAlchemy ORM, Active Record
  • My web framework: Hobit (PHP web framework ), Bleta (Go web framework)
  • Kernel: Linux kernel/device development
  • Source control: Git, TFS
  • Security researcher (Web application vulnerability, Open source software vulnerability)
  • Debugger (GDB, IDA)

Certifications: Network+, CCNA, Windows (MCITP), LINUX (RHCSA , RHCE , Debian)

Operating System: Linux (Debian , RedHat, Fedora my favourite for kernel development), Windows

Security And Hacking skills: CEH, PWB, PWK, Network Security, Web Application Security, WIFU, Software Testing, Reverse Engineering

Open Source Projects research and contribution:

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