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The Linux Channel an Youtube Linux channel for advance Linux users, systems and network software programmers and tech enthusiasts. The Linux Channel is a part of The TOFFEE Project research.

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Watch Video: 269 Linux Kernel TCP Congestion Control CUBIC BIC-TCP Pluggable congestion control datastructure Ep2

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 Empowering farmers through Tech - Interview of Mr. Damodhar Paleti, Founder & CEO of Suyoga ↗

 PyDelhi + PyData + ILUG-D + Linux Chix meetup mash @ Sarai on 17-Dec-2016 ↗

 Google Youtube Happy Hour 2016 Bangalore India - The Linux Channel ↗

 OSIDays Event - 12th Open Source India 2015 Bengaluru, India ↗

 Ubuntu Cloud Day Bangalore, India 2012 ↗


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Watch Video: Linux Kernel skbuff data-structure - part7 - skb packet bytes

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