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NEWS :: Weekly News Digest - Week 8 - February 2018

Asymmetric Processor Cores
Most Intel processors use one of two cores, the main-line core and the Atom core. Desktop processors might use the newer Kaby Lake or Coffee Lake micro-architecture cores, while the Xeon SP lines uses the previous generation Skylake micro-architecture. All of these are part of the main core line. The Atom core is used in Xeon Phi, Atom and some Pentium or Celeron processors. In simple terms, the main-line is a big core and the Atom is a small core... Read More

Using QCT Quanta LB6M 10GbE Switch for Container Networking
Quanta LB6M is everywhere, yet you won’t find it on Quanta’s website. That’s because it’s not sold to end users, it is an early hyper-scale switch based on the Scorpion chipset. It’s the first 10 GBit/s merchant silicon chipset used by Google and probably others in the development of their large-scale networks... Read More

Download/watch this video - 289 - Data Transfers between - User and Kernel - Process to Process

Using SSE Instead Of WebSockets For Unidirectional Data Flow Over HTTP/2
When building a web application, one must consider what kind of delivery mechanism they are going to use... Read More

Download/watch this video - 290 - Q&A - Career in Systems Programming and C programming

Why IPv6 networks create DNS configuration problems
DNS data is among the most basic and crucial information required for network connectivity, but configuring DNS recursive servers in IPv6-only networks can pose challenges... Read More

Hypervisor or containers: Which solution is right for you?
There are a lot of considerations to make when using virtualization technologies. Finding a solution which balances performance and security can be challenging... Read More

Download/watch this video - 292 - Why Linux Kernel is written in C-language but not in C++ ?
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Blockchain for 2018 and Beyond: A (growing) list of blockchain use cases
The blockchain process of transacting and storing information on a decentralized, distributed ledger yields many benefits for enterprise application data... Read More

Raw sockets backdoor gives attackers complete control of some Linux servers
A stealthy backdoor undetected by antimalware providers is giving unknown attackers complete control over at least 100 Linux servers that appear to be used in business production environments, warn researchers... Read More

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Weekly News Digest - Week 8 - February 2018
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