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Written by: Kiran Kankipati - Published: 27-Nov-2016

Download/watch this video - 305 - Q&A - Job and Career - Job Interview Group Discussions GD - why do I fail ?

Download/watch this video - 296 Self Study (books, etc.) vs Studying via a mentor - Choose a Career - FAQ
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Download/watch this video - 290 - Q&A - Career in Systems Programming and C programming

Here is the image discussed in the video above (Video ID: 290):
As long as we have computers in this world there is always going to be a demand for systems programmers (firmware and hardware developers, etc). And hence the C-programming language (besides assembly such as in-line assembly). On top of a stable system you can run lots of Apps (such as: user-space Linux Apps/processes, Android Apps, iPhone Apps, etc). And hence there is always going to be even higher demand for application programmers in the industry. But technology behind applications (language, platfrom, etc) will change time to time. But not much in the case of core systems. So here is my representation of number of software programmers/developers/engineers required at every layer of product development(for example an Android Phone/tab).

Systems Engineering and Industry

Download/watch this video - 247 Mind of a Software Programmer vs a Mind of a an Entrepreneur
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Download/watch this video - 231 How to become a programmer? And how to become a software architect? - Episode2
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Download/watch this video - 230 How to become a programmer? And how companies should screen talented programmers?
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Download/watch this video - 236 Manager of a Software Development Team
Job and Career Advice - Network Admin and Network Software Developer
Job and Career Advice - Systems Software and Kernel Software Developer

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