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GitHub iputils - https://github.com/iputils/iputils
ping.c - https://github.com/iputils/iputils/blob/master ...
ping.h - https://github.com/iputils/iputils/blob/master ...
ping6_common.c - https://github.com/iputils/iputils/blob/master ...
ping_common.c - https://github.com/iputils/iputils/blob/master ...

Refer my Google Drive export diagram of the IPUtils :: Ping command implementation architecture:

  • [+] green box represents function pointer set
  • [+] yellow boxes are the important APIs/functions
  • [+] gray boxes are the standard external APIs (such as system calls and glibc library)
  • [+] pink/purple box(es) are the additional helper APIs (which are not as critical as those yellow ones)

* please note that I am not expanding deliberately ping6_run() and ping6_function_set since it is quite obvious that it has the same identical architecture as that of IPv4 implementation (i.e: ping4_run() and ping4_func_set).
The Linux Channel - IP Utils ping command implementation API flow Architecture

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Quagga Routing Suite - OSPF, RIP, RIPng BGP4 | GNU Zebra fork | ZebOS ↗
Tuesday' 02-Jun-2020
GNU Zebra is one of the oldest open-source Dynamic Routing Protocol suite stack developed by Kunihiro Ishiguro. Zebra supports features such as RIPv1/RIPv2 for IPv4 and RIPng for IPv6, OSPFv2 and OSPFv3, BGPv4+ and so on. Zebra is an active project for many years. After many years of active support Zebra is discontinued, and sometime down the lane a new fork is created from Zebra called Quagga which is now maintained by a separate independent open-source community. Quagga is a routing software suite, providing implementations of OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIP v1 and v2, RIPng and BGP-4 for Unix platforms, particularly FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and NetBSD. Quagga is a fork of GNU Zebra which was developed by Kunihiro Ishiguro. The Quagga architecture consists of a core daemon, zebra, which acts as an abstraction layer to the underlying Unix kernel and presents the Zserv API over a Unix or TCP stream to Quagga clients.

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