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iPerf tool - for network channel analysis, bandwidth tests and system & network benchmarking ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Introduction to Network Processors (NPU) ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Linux Kernel Tasklets | Big-Picture | vs User-Space pthreads ↗
Saturday' 01-Jan-2022
Linux Kernel Tasklets and Work queues are somewhat similar to user-space process threads in terms of the functionality and of course not in terms of its operation or its internal architecture. You can schedule Tasklet(s) for a registered function to run later. So typically the Interrupt top half (of the interrupt handler) performs a small amount of critical work (not to be confused with critical section), and then schedules such as a tasklet to execute later at the bottom half.

Linux Kernel USB ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

VRF - Virtual Routing and Forwarding ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Bufferbloat in a Networking Device or an Appliance ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Interactive map of Linux Kernel ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Linux Kernel FileSystems Subsystem ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Programming Language Performance and Overheads ↗
Saturday' 01-Jan-2022
A detailed Youtube video series of various programming language performance and overheads - a big picture

Linux Kernel Programming - Device Drivers ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Watch detailed videos and read topics on Linux Kernel Programming - Device Drivers

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Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins - Raw Kernel Access via sysfs - GPIO Linux Kernel Drivers ↗
Saturday' 01-Jan-2022
Here is a my multi-episode Youtube video series of me doing a live code (Code with Kiran Series). Linux Kernel GPIO drivers of Raspberry Pi offers access/control directly via sysfs filesystem interface. But often people don't see this aspect, instead as a part of IoT, they assume these GPIO pins can be only accessed by some Python, Java or C/C++ code libraries. But in the real case those libraries are just an abstract layer written around the core Kernel GPIO driver's sysfs filesystem. So here is an attempt where we learn this aspect in systems architecture point of view. And then later try to attempt writing such user-space GPIO control code without any third-party libraries. Since the sysfs driver access is via regular files (user-space context), we can now use any language of our choice and access the same like any files. In that process we can attempt writing our own bunch of abstract APIs resembling a typical GPIO access library.

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