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12 - Velmurugan Ramalingam, Hsinchu, Taiwan ↗
FAE Head - Americas/APAC/MEA
Experienced RD Project Manager, Systems software, Wireless Networking and RTOS expert

1 - Swapnil Kulkarni, Chennai, Hyderabad, India ↗
Network Software Developer at SMOAD Networks
Network software developer with core interest in SD-WAN and cyber security. My previous experiences include my work as an embedded software developer.

8 - Ramneek Sekhon, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea ↗
Post Doctoral Researcher at Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

1116 - Ayushi Kumar, Bengaluru, India ↗
Senior Software Engineer at Extreme Networks
A Network professional with experience in C Programming Language, security and automation of network protocol stack

11 - Ramin Farajpour Cami, Iran, Iran ↗
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Senior Cyber Security Researcher, EDG (Engineering Development Group) of CCI (Center for Cyber Intelligence).

9 - Shashank Mohan Jain, Bengaluru, India ↗
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Chief Development Architect at SAP Cloud Platform
Development Architect at SAP Research, having 15 years industry experience in Cloud systems, provisioning services like DB/Brokers, Virtualization, Java technologies

23 - Akash Satish Phalak, Bengaluru, India ↗
Senior Embedded Software Engineer at AXON Networks
Experienced Embedded Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology. Strong engineering professional skilled in Linux Device Drivers and Networking subsystem, WLAN, Embedded Linux, Routing Protocols.

19 - Veerabhadra Pyli, Leonberg, Baden-W�rttemberg, Germany ↗
Software Consultant - C/C++/Linux/IOT/Industrial Automation/Home Automation/ Healthcare/Networking/Device Drivers/AUTOSAR
6+ years of experienced IT professional in Advanced Embedded Systems. 4+ years into Software development and 1+ year into hardware development. Holding a degree Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka , India.
Roles and Responsibilities :
* Strong in C, C++ programming languages and Shell Scripting. Strong knowledge of Linux internals, Application and system programming.
* Kernel / BSP Knowledge .
* Board bring up / Yocto build and porting.
* Strong knowledge in domains like Health care, Home automation, Internet of things, Consumer electronics, networking, Power electronics and Control systems.
* Solid Experience in Micro controllers(8051,ARM,ST, TI, Microchip, Raspberry Pi, NXP, Atmel, Arduino etc.)
* Hands on experience in IDE's / Bootloaders
* Experience on Driver development (SPI, I2C, UART, MODBUS,USB etc.)
* Ethernet TCP/IP development experience.
* Unit / Integration / System Level test cases designing.
* Strong Software and Hardware skills.
* Confident and motivated to drive self and team likewise in all adverse /unfavorable conditions

20 - Anbarasan Ganesan, Chennai, India ↗
2.5+ years of experience in WLAN Device Driver Development and 2+ years of experience in Software Development. Had developed software for ARM micro-controllers. And I have been working in WLAN device driver development and debugging.

21 - Bharath Thiruveedula, Hyderabad, India ↗

Development Engineer, Openstack expert

27 - Kasinath Kottukkal, Singapore, Singapore ↗
SRE at Cloudflare
Linux system admin progressed to DevOps

26 - Keerthirajhan Ravi, Coimbatore, India ↗
Image inpainting by Deep learning based approach ( Virtual reality, Augmented reality & Diminished reality)

22 - Srinivas Rao, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, India ↗

Systems software engineer and networking expert

25 - Rahul Shrivastava, Bengaluru, India ↗
sr. associate at Cognizant
* Computer systems engineer working in areas of operating systems and networking.
* Exposure in end-to-end development of software products from requirement analysis to system study, design, implementation, testing, documentation and system integration.
* Software developer having footprint in following areas:Datacom, Networking, L2/L3 protocols(BFD, OSPF, IGMP), Forwarding plane, TCP/IP, Sockets programming, Operating Systems, Embedded systems, Distributed Systems, Linux, Linux kernel, Data Structures, C programming.
* Past projects involved engineering research and development of networking products and solutions(cisco router, dell force10 router, gogo inflight broadband, and other communications systems).
* Have hands on with atmega microcontrollers, embedded C.
* Have excellent analytical and problem solving attitude and aptitude. This makes every problem a real opportunity.

24 - Sachidananda Sahu, Bengaluru, India ↗
Member Of Technical Staff 3 at NetApp
Good in Data structure, programming and linux internals. ? Command over C, C++, Python, Ansible. ? Overall understanding of storage infrastructure and storage protocols. ? Good understanding of networking layers and protocols.

18 - Komal Thakur, Bengaluru, India ↗
Senior Embedded Engineer, HCL Technologies
Senior Embedded Engineer with 5+ years of experience with diverse exposure of designing, developing and testing

17 - Kavya Kalidindi, Bengaluru, India ↗
Emulation and Silicon Validation Engineer - II at Broadcom Inc.
Involved in pre-silicon validation of high-speed ethernet switches using Cadence Palladium and post-silicon validation. Involved in driver development for the Filter Processors in Broadcom devices.

16 - Thumu Ramakrishna, Chennai, Vijayawada, India ↗
Senior Embeded Software Engineer at VVDN Technologies
VVDN Technologies, Chennai ↗ as a Senior Embeded Software Engineer

2 - Shyam Saini, Delhi, Montreal, Quebec, India, Canada ↗
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Consultant en logiciel libre (Free Software Consultant) at Savoir-faire Linux
DevOps Engineer at Paytm ↗, FOSS, Kernel programmer and Linux enthusiast

3 - Himanshu Sharma, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, India ↗
Engineer at Qualcomm
Experience of around 2 years in Embedded Software Development, I am currently working as a Android Kernel Engineer in Borqs India. I had worked as a Wi-Fi developer in Qualcomm and possess considerable amount of exposure to Power Line Communication firmware. Have worked on Chipset�s integrating PLC & WiFi together and have a basic exposure to OpenWrt.

4 - Ved Prakash Malakar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India ↗
Senior Software Engineer at Dell EMC
Innovative IT professional offering vast experiences leveraging Software Sustaining engineering (L3) and development using DevOps methodologies (git, Confluence, JIRA) to deliver highly effective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges on C++ and Linux . Utilizes highly attuned analytical skills to develop IT and business strategies employing cutting- edge technologies to increase productivity. Consistently drives high standards of service through effective project management, communication, and strategic planning. Strong exposure in client management. Highly organized with strong capacity to prioritize workload, delegate deliverables, and steer project completion within established deadlines.

5 - Thulasi Veggalam, Chennai, Nellore, India ↗
Senior Software EngineerSenior Software Engineer, Aricent
* Demonstrated History of Experience as an Engineer in Systems Software Design, Development & Bug Fixings with over 6+ Years in the field of Embedded Systems, Computer Networking and Datacommunications
* Exposure to C, C++, Systems/Kernel Programming, IP, MPLS, Routing(Unicast, Multicast), Switching Protocols
* Exposure to Broadcom, Marvell ASIC Programming, Forwarding, Datapath, Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), Protocol Stacks- Aricent's ISS, Metaswitch(MSW)/Microsoft
* Exposure to Juniper, CISCO CLI
* Exposure to Datacenter, Enterprise, Internet Service Provider's Networking Hardware

6 - Midhun Lohidakshan, Bengaluru, India ↗
Software Engineer (G10) at Cisco
First and foremost, I love writing code. Software Engineering is a never-ending puzzle that I am passionately engaged in solving. I believe in the power of programming to transform and improve the lives of people around the world.
For my first professional assignment, I was given the opportunity to develop a network device driver for a wifi chipset vendor. My second assignment involved the migration of ipv4 to ipv6 for dual stack routers. Today I am a Technical Lead at Spanidea Systems working on networking project for a wireless silution provider.
Skills/Interests : Linux System Programming, Linux kernel development, Application development on Linux based embedded systems, Linux Device Driver, OpenWRT, OpenSync
Programming Skills : C, C++, Go, Python, Bash
Received Artic Code Vault Contributor badge from Github

7 - Angel Angelov, Bulgaria, Bulgaria ↗

SCADA engineer at ESO, Bulgaria.

10 - Saravanan Muthu, Bengaluru, India ↗
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Linux system programming, IFE(In Flight Entertainment) and Bio-informatics expert having 12+ years Industry experience.

13 - Rajasekhar Chaganti, San Antonio, Texas Area, USA ↗
PhD in computer science at the University of Texas at San Antonio ↗

14 - Mohit Kumar Rajain, Delhi, India ↗
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Site Reliability Engineer 2 at Media.net
Network Security Expert

15 - Abdul Rahman Sattar, Toronto, Ontario, Canada ↗
Distinguished Scientist Security Analytics @ Arctic Wolf
Abdul has over 10+ years of experience in cybersecurity, software systems and cloud architecture. He is self-driven and passionate about technology and applying his technical and leadership skills to push the state of the art in cybersecurity and advanced analytics. He has pioneered and architected roadmaps and strategy for advanced security analytics and led collaboration with academic and industry bodies on multiple R&D initiatives including automotive, IoT and MEC security. He is a Steering Committee Member at multiple technical communities focused on security and AI/ML. He has presented on cybersecurity analytics at multiple national and international forums and has chaired multiple Machine Learning Conferences. His areas of interest include cybersecurity analytics, applied machine learning, big data engineering, software engineering, cloud and edge computing, enterprise software, 5g, IoT, CAVs. Abdul is also a firm believer in young talent and collaborates with and mentors and advises upcoming talent on technical and leadership skills and career choices in technology.

1117 - Rajdip Bose, Bengaluru, India ↗

Senior Software Developer at Benison Technologies
Systems and Network Software Developer

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libpcap Library | Linux User-space Network Stack Development ↗
Sunday' 06-Aug-2023
libpcap is a very popular user-space networking library, with which you can capture and or generate packets. libpcap is the underlying framework for many popular packet capture tools such as tcpdump, Wireshark and so on. In fact libpcap is a part of tcpdump project. But besides just using it as a packet capture tool, you can use libpcap in various applications, such as user-space based networking stack development, etc. In some cases libpcap is yet another alternative to raw-sockets and tun/tap interfaces.

The Linux Channel :: Sponsors ↗
Monday' 30-May-2022
Here is a list of all The Linux Channel sponsors/donors (individual/companies).

Inline Programming | Assembly | Scripts | php, python, shell, etc | Rust in Linux Kernel ↗
Friday' 12-May-2023
Inline programming is a technique where code statements are included directly in the text of a program, instead of being contained in separate files or modules. Inline programming can be useful for small or simple tasks, as it can eliminate the need for a separate script or function. One common example of inline programming is using JavaScripts, Php, etc in HTML documents to create dynamic content. Similarly in Linux Kernel we can find lot of instances where we can find inline programming such as inline assembly and now Rust within the Kernel source.

Linux Kernel /sysfs Interface ↗
Saturday' 14-May-2022
/sysfs is one of the most popular kernel to user-space interface which you can leverage to add an interface to your Kernel code such as Kernel modules, Kernel Device Drivers, etc. Although personally I prefer /proc interface than other alternatives such as /sysfs, ioctl() and so on for my personal Kernel modules/stack. So here is my detailed multi-episode Youtube video series on /sysfs Interface.

Rockchip ROC-RK3566-PC from Firefly | OpenWRT ↗
Thursday' 19-Oct-2023
Here is my multi-episode video series on evaluation of Rockchip ROC-RK3566-PC from Firefly with stock OpenWRT firmware.

What is purpose of Kernel Development - Example SMOAD Networks SDWAN Orchestrator Firewall Kernel Engine ↗
Monday' 18-Jul-2022
Often aspiring students may have this question, that what is the purpose of Linux Kernel Development. Since Linux Kernel is very mature and it has almost everything one would need. Usually, we need custom kernel development in the case of any new driver development for new upcoming hardware. And this happens on and on. But at times we may also come across few features/modules/components which are already provided by the Linux Kernel which are not adequate or atleast not the way we exactly intended to use. So, this is the real-world example, sometimes no matter what Linux Kernel provides as a part of stock Kernel/OS features, sometimes we have to write our own custom kernel stack or module(s) which can specifically cater our exact needs.

Linux Kernel Driver Device Trees ↗
Tuesday' 17-Jan-2023
The Linux kernel is the backbone of the Linux operating system. A device tree is a hierarchical tree structure that describes the various devices that are present in a system, including their properties and relationships to one another. The device tree is used by the Linux kernel to identify and initialize the different devices on a system, and to provide a consistent interface for interacting with them.

Linux Kernel vs User-space - Library APIs - Linux Kernel Programming ↗
Friday' 27-Oct-2023
One of the important aspects a beginner who is into Linux Kernel space systems software development has to understand is that unlike user-space C/C++ programming, where you can freely include any library APIs via respective #include files (which are dynamically linked during run-time via those /lib .so files), in the case of Kernel space programming, these library APIs are written within the Kernel source itself. These are the fundamental APIs which we commonly use, such as memcpy(), memcmp(), strlen(), strcpy(), strcpy() and so on. So here is my detailed Youtube video episode on the same with live demo, walk-through and examples.

Porting Sample libpcap C code to Raw Sockets | User-space Network Stack Framework ↗
Monday' 04-Sep-2023
Here is my multi-episode video series where I demonstrate how you can port the my libpcap sample code, discussed in the earlier episode to raw-socket. This code should further help you to design and architect your own user-space Network stack on top of this fundamental framework.

Roadmap - How to become Systems Software Developer ↗
Friday' 13-May-2022
When you are at the beginning of your career or a student, and aspire to become a software developer, one of the avenues to choose is to become a hard-core Systems Software Developer. However it is easier said than done, since there are many aspects to it as you explore further. As a part of systems developer, you can get into core kernel space developer, kernel device drivers developer, embedded developer and get into things like board bring-up, porting, etc, or can become a user-space systems programmer, and so on. So here is my detailed multi-episode Youtube video series on Roadmap - How to become Systems Software Developer.

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