NEWS 》 Weekly News Digest - Week 5 - February 2018

Mini-ITX board fosters flexibility and fights obsolescence
Congatec unveiled a Mini-ITX style “conga-IT6” board that uses a plug-in COM Express module to supply processor and other core functions. CPU options currently include Intel Core, Xeon, Celeron, and Pentium, and AMD G-series and R-series chips, with up to 4x CPU cores and clocked at up to 4.3GHz... Read More

You Can Do Better Than Arduino: Try These Microcontrollers
There are many great alternatives to Arduino out there, all with their own differences and benefits. In this article we will look at some of the cheapest, fastest, and most interesting alternatives to the Arduino range... Read More

Watch on Youtube - [487//0] 0x16b Tracking Linux Kernel bugs in Kernel.org Bugzilla (or Bugzee as we call it in the Industry) ↗

Open source is 20: How it changed programming and business forever
Every company in the world now uses open-source software. Microsoft, once its greatest enemy, is now an enthusiastic open supporter. Even Windows is now built using open-source techniques. And if you ever searched on Google, bought a book from Amazon, watched a movie on Netflix, or looked at your friend's vacation pictures on Facebook, you're an open-source user. Not bad for a technology approach that turns 20 on February 3... Read More

Since computer technology evolves so rapidly, does it matter if you have 5 or 15 years of experience as e.g. software developer?
Computer technology, on the other hand, doesn’t evolve as rapidly. Desktop computers have been around for decades. Laptops work in the very same way - except for the portability aspect which basically ports existing hardware to mobile formats (adhering to the same architectural standards).
So a programmer building software 20 years ago was solving the same problems (more or less) as an engineer does in 2017. Some programming languages and libraries (or frameworks) make that easier by providing the toolkit automating some of those paradigms... Read More

Linux Kernel net_device data-structure - possible_net_t nd_net - Network namespace and Linux Containers - Ep7
New The Linux Channel video episode... Read More

Watch on Youtube - [962//0] x220 LINUX | Process Address Space | FAQ | Architecture | Big Picture #SystemsProgramming ↗

New Wave of Mini Satellites Could Boost Climate Research
An Indian-made rocket called PSLV-C37 soared 310 miles into the Earth's ionosphere last February and launched 104 space satellites, spitting them out rapidly from both sides. It was a world record for India and a critical milestone for U.S. companies and institutions, which built 96 of the hand-sized orbiters... Read More

Here come all the AI deployments; Now how do we manage AI?
How will enterprises manage artificial intelligence deployments when most managers and executives don't understand the underlying models, data science, or technology? ... Read More

Imagination announces neural network acceleration push
British chip designer Imagination Technologies has announced the release of its first neural network software development kit (SDK), in a desire to push its PowerVR graphics processor technology into new markets following the loss of its biggest customer last year... Read More

Watch on Youtube - [487//0] 0x16b Tracking Linux Kernel bugs in Kernel.org Bugzilla (or Bugzee as we call it in the Industry) ↗

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Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Linux Kernel /sysfs Interface ↗
Saturday' 14-May-2022
/sysfs is one of the most popular kernel to user-space interface which you can leverage to add an interface to your Kernel code such as Kernel modules, Kernel Device Drivers, etc. Although personally I prefer /proc interface than other alternatives such as /sysfs, ioctl() and so on for my personal Kernel modules/stack. So here is my detailed multi-episode Youtube video series on /sysfs Interface.

Linux Kernel struct iphdr data-structure ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

CEO, CTO Talk ↗
Saturday' 01-Jan-2022

Linux Kernel Internals :: Linux Kernel Development ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Systems Architecture ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Linux user-space - Shared Memory IPC - Live Demo and Example ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Linux (user-space) RAW Socket Programming ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Kernel customization via make menuconfig - Linux Kernel Compilation (or a Kernel Build) ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Here is a detailed Youtube video on Linux Kernel custom compilation and customization via make menuconfig interface

Wireshark Packet Capture ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

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Bufferbloat in a Networking Device or an Appliance ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

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