NEWS 》 Weekly News Digest - Week 12 - March 2018

ReSpeaker Core v2 is a 6-Mic Array Audio Development Kit Powered by Rockchip RK3229 Processor
Seeed Studio launched ReSpeaker Core board designed for voice interaction in 2016. The board was based on a Mediatek MT7688 MIPS WiSoC running OpenWrt, and came with a single built-in microphone, although a microphone array board with 7 microphones and 12 LEDs was also offered as option... Read More

Watch on Youtube - [4216/0] 0x1b9 What is a Toolchain | gcc Cross-Compiler | Libraries | BSP (Board Support Package) | Embedded ↗

How to monitor network protocol traffic on your data center Linux servers
If you're looking for a powerful network protocol monitor for your Linux data center servers, ntopng might be the perfect solution. Jack Wallen shows you how to install this open source tool... Read More

Watch on Youtube - [1965/0] 0x16c Quagga Routing Suite - OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIP v1,v2, RIPng BGP-4 | GNU Zebra fork | ZebOS - Ep1 Intro, Code-walk ↗

Open Source LimeSDR Mini Takes Off in Satellites
Lime Microsystems is collaborating with the European Space Agency to make its Ubuntu Core-driven LimeSDR Mini boards available for developing applications running on ESA’s communications satellites... Read More

Watch on Youtube - [8314/0] Q&A - Network Data-Plane and Control-Plane ↗

Marvell revs up Ethernet to 400Gbps with new ‘Alaska’ chips
Marvell Semiconductor's Alaska C 88X7120 transceivers are the first to support the 802.3 standard, which will quadruple network throughput... Read More

Ethernet sales growing, but routing's been routed by software
According to analyst clan IDC's wrap of calendar year 2017's shipments, the switch business added a mere 3.2 per cent year-on-year in Q4 2017 to reach US$6.9 billion for the quarter, while the full-year $25.7bn represented 5.4 per cent growth.

Routers, IDC says, grew four per cent in the year to reach $15.2bn... Read More

Watch on Youtube - [4259/0] 351 Kernel customization via make menuconfig - Linux Kernel Compilation (or a Kernel Build) ↗

Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of Artificial Intelligence which enables computers to analyze and understand the human language. It was formulated to build software that generates and understands natural languages, so that a user can have natural conversations with his computer instead of through programming or artificial languages like Java or C... Read More

WAGO PFC200 PLC Runs Embedded Linux, Supports Web and Mobile Visualization
WAGO is an international company with headquarters in Germany, designing electrical devices and automation systems. One of their latest product is WAGO PFC200 (PFC – Programmable Field Controller) designed for IIoT applications and running embedded Linux on an Arm Cortex A8 processor... Read More

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