TUTORIALS 》 Linux user-space - Shared Memory IPC - Live Demo and Example

Download this episode my entire sample code, compile script HERE.

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Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

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Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

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Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
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Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

Linux user-space - Shared Memory IPC - Live Demo and Example ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

UDP sample socket code for Systems and Network software developers ↗
Saturday' 13-Mar-2021
Here is my sample UDP socket code written in C. Unlike other versions you get commonly on-line this version is focused towards systems and network software developers and as a quick reference even for experienced software programmers. In this example/template, I am sending test raw binary data bytes from UDP sample client to registered UDP sample server. The code has documentation already in the form of comments (as you can see below). You can download my source below and you can use it directly in your projects or you can use the same for learning purposes to understand about user-space socket programming via IPv4 UDP transport layer protocol.

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Saturday' 13-Mar-2021

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