VIDEOS 》 Linux Kernel struct udphdr data-structure

Kernel Doc printk-formats.txt - http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/latest/ ...

Here is the screenshot of my Sample Example Code discussed in the video above:

struct udphdr data-structure - http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/latest/ ...
sk_buff to udphdr APIs - http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/latest/ ...
Definitions for the UDP module - http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/latest/ ...

And here is the copy paste of struct udp data-structure (/include/uapi/linux/udp.h) from the Kernel-source version 4.13 for quick reference:

struct udphdr {
	__be16	source;
	__be16	dest;
	__be16	len;
	__sum16	check;

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